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Sexperiment Results: Does edging improve orgasms?

In April 2024, we launched Sexperiments — spicy science projects for adults you can access right in your Lioness mobile app. Our first Sexperiment? Edging.

Lioness users around the world delayed their orgasms to answer the age-old question: does edging really make orgasms better?

Let’s get into the Lioness data we collected.

A Quick review of edging hypotheses

We’re in the business of masturbating smarter, so each Sexplorer was prompted to formulate two hypotheses before beginning their Sexperiment.

Hypothesis 1: How long do you think edging will increase your session length by?

Edging requires someone to get close to orgasm, stop stimulation, and then resume over and over again. Naturally, this should increase how long someone spends masturbating, but there’s no golden standard for how many times someone can edge, so this first hypothesis required Lioness users to consider how long they might be able to edge for.

Answers were mixed, but the majority of people reporting they thought edgingwould add 15 minutes or less to their typical session.

edging hypothesis session length

Hypothesis 2: Do You think edging will improve your “o” in a noticeable way?

If you’re already familiar with edging, then you know that the claim is that delaying your orgasm should produce a more intense and pleasurable orgasm.

When asked if they think edging will improve their orgasms, 86% of Lioness users hypothesized “yes” and only 14% hypothesized “no.”

edging hypothesis improve orgasm

The Results: Did edging increase average session and orgasm length?

Yes! For most users, edging increased both session and orgasm length.

On an aggregate scale, session length increased by 5 mins and 24 seconds, while orgasm length increased by 9 seconds!

edging results session and orgasm length

The Results: Did edging increase average orgasm force?

Surprisingly, no!

Average peak force of reported “non-edging” orgasms was 64.9 gF with 26.5 gF being the average for relaxation between pelvic floor contractions. For reported “edging” orgasms, however, force reached an average high of 61.6 gF and low of 29.6 gF. This suggests edging not only decreased the average peak force of orgasms, but also created less relaxation between pelvic floor contractions.

edging results orgasm force

Conclusion: So does edging improve orgasms?

Overall, the data points to yes! For most people who did the Sexperiment, edging increased both time spent masturbating and orgasm length.

Just remember, there is nuance, as with all things related to sex and some folks found edging ruined their O’s. The only way to definitely answer if edging will improve your orgasm is to start doing it for science.

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