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10 Ways To Hide Sex Toys (But Be Easy-To-Find For You)

Budding sex toy collection

By Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness

Are you starting to accumulate a sex toy collection and don’t know where to put them all when you’re not using them? Or are you trying to deliberately keep them away from the prying eyes of relatives, roommates, kids, or pets? Or are some of them fancy like the Lioness Smart Vibrator and you don't want folks messing around with your best vibes? We have a few tips for keeping your sex toys organized and hidden/hard-to-find, yet easily accessible for you.

I’ve grouped these recommendations based on how many products you’re looking to store. Some of these storage options are more hidden than others, and some have other perks like charging, sanitization, and/or locks (an all-encompassing sex toy storage box! huzzah!)

However, sometimes the simplest solutions are best: I’ve found everyday items often work the best for keeping your sex toys in ready-to-use condition.

Just to set the context here—I will be focusing on “normal sized” sex toys. Hiding your giant sex chair/cage/dungeon is out of scope, at least for this article.

Why is storage important?

You want to keep your stuff organized:

Nothing kills the mood like needing to stop everything and rummage… well, everywhere… for your lube, protection, toys, chargers, etc. You want an easy place to access whatever you want when you want it.

You want to keep things clean:

Dirty sex toys can cause infections. Best practice is to thoroughly wash everything (if waterproof) with soap and water. Real practice involves throwing somewhat sticky and slimy things in drawers that accumulate hair, dust, and the like. If that wasn’t sexy enough, in certain cases, some materials (especially non-silicone) can literally fuse together, off-gassing toxic smells, destroying your stuff, and definitely not being safe to play with.

You want to hide things from others:

You don’t want someone to stumble upon your goods, be it parents, kids, or relatives. And if you have pets, your toy may become their new favorite toy… and they might mangle it (with love), which would be very sad for you. By having your toys picked up and away from others, you can avoid potential embarrassment or sex toy casualties.

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Common problem: How to store toys while keeping them charged (or not dead)

One problem with storing sex toys is how do you keep them charged and in tip top shape? After all, nothing’s worse than a dead vibrator when you need it. If you don’t have a vibrator with a battery level indicator, you may be literally left empty-handed.

Sure, you can have some toys that use batteries, and you can steal the TV remote batteries when you’re in a real pinch. But if you like your lithium-ion, USB rechargeable toys, that won’t cut it. How do you keep them always ready to roll?

Portable USB chargers for charging sex toys

Portable USB chargers

My suggestion? Use a portable charger to charge them while they’re in storage. Here’s a solidcharger to charge one toy, and anothercharger that could charge up to three toys at once. Of course, when your portable charger is not moonlighting as a sex toy charger, it can also charge your smartphone or anything else that can take USB charging.

How to store individual toys

You may want to get a pouch per toy so you can keep them separated from each other (for the materials reason above) or to keep the charger and cords with them so you don’t accidentally use a different toy’s charger for your favorite sex toy.

If you got a pouch with your toy, you can use that to keep toys organized, clean, and tidy. If you need a pouch or a hiding place (or both), here are a few suggestions…

Ziploc bags for storing vibrators and sex toys

Easy and inexpensive: Ziploc bags

If you don’t have a pouch for your toy, you can always use ziplock bags. They’re cheap, and you always need some for your leftover foods, your button collection, you get the idea…

Augbunny heavy-duty multi-purpose canvas zipper tool bag organize storage pouch for storing vibrators sex toys and more

More breathable: cotton pouches

If you want something that uses more breathable materials, thesecotton pouches can do the trick for many toys (and they’re also quite unassuming).

Howto store up to a handful of toys

Fake English Dictionary for storing sex toys

Hidden in plain sight: Fake English Dictionary

Now if you’re looking to keep your few prized possessions even more hidden away, I’ve got two options for you — Amazon sells these Fake English Dictionaries for pretty cheap that you may be able to fit your toy inside and won’t be touched (after all, who reads physical copies of dictionaries anymore?). This can sit next to your coffee table book on Iceland and that issue of People Magazine you got from September 2015 that you haven’t bothered to throw out yet.


Uvee sex toy storage, cleaner, charging station and lock

Store, Clean, Lock, Charge

Are you especially concerned about germs, infections, or prying eyes? Do you always end up draining down your favorite toy because you don’t want it hanging around the house while it’s charging? Uvee makes sex toy storage cases that sanitize, charge, and lock away your toys. It covers all of the common bases for taking care of your favorite toys. Of course, you can also use Uvee to sanitize your phone, your sunglasses, and pretty much anything you can fit in the box. 

Howto store a small collection

Foldable travel bag with compartments for toys and more

Foldable travel bag with compartments

If you have a couple of toys (and/or lube bottles and swag) and want to keep them in their own separate compartments, but bundled in one place, travel bags with compartments can be the perfect solution to keep everything extremely organized.

JJ POWER Travel Packing Cubes can help keep your toys organized and tidy

Storage cubes are your friend

Again, storage solutions for traveling are also great for storing sex toys. They’re great for being hidden enough, but also organized and accessible. It’s like you’re going on a trip, but this trip is to Pleasuretown.

Depending on how many toys you need to store, thesepacking cubes can keep your toys tidy. You can organize by type of toy, favorite toys, color, power, alphabetical order (hey, I’m not judging). There are a bunch of colors and solid/transparent colors you can use to keep them more hidden or easy-to-find when the time’s right. Plus, you can scale up or down depending on how many toys you have.

Happy family with a lot of sex toysTravel storage bag for sex toys

Organize your collection in one bag

This oversized travel bag is really efficient because you get a bag with a bunch of individual pockets and compartments to store your wares. It’s really easy to move around, store in the closet, and quickly find what you needed in that bag. It even has transparent pockets and rows so you can see where’s what. Plus, there’s something about imagining a whole bunch of sex toys inside that black pouch above that makes me smile (we’re open to captions for that one, btw).

Howto store a bigger collection (21-50)

Lock and Roll portable under-bed safe storage for keeping your darkest secrets

Underneath the bed: hidden and lots of space

Now we’re starting to amass a mountain of pleasure products. If you can’t fit things into the aforementioned travel cases (or don’t want a million storage cubes), I recommend under bed storage, especially cases with wheels that make it easy to roll out or tuck under your bed. This one has wheels, isn’t transparent, and even has a lock to keep sneaky people from trying to open your stuff.

That way, your stuff is still pretty easily accessible, but you can hide a larger quantity of stuff down there. You can also surround your collection with random clothes and other cases to make it even more hidden from even the most nosy people. Depending on how organized you’d like to get, you can use storage cubes to keep things organized by category.

Howto store a gigantic collection (50+, welcome to the club)

If you need to store a LOT of sex toys, Kallax tower drawers from Ikea come in a bunch of sizes and formations

Scale your sex toy collection up and down with the Ikea Kallax (and more)

What if you need to store a LOT of toys? Like, a lot a lot, and underneath the bed won’t do it? At this point, we’re getting into territory that unless you have a room dedicated to your own personal Sex Toy Mountain, you may have to have your collection more visible (and potentially more easily found).

When all else fails, Ikea is here to save the day, If you have a bunch of toys to store, I recommend getting a tower drawer from Ikea.Kallaxes are very popular since they’re versatile and come in a bunch of sizes and formations, but Ikea also has a bunch of other drawer setups if you prefer a different look or style. Of course, if you have some pretty rad toys and aren’t afraid or have no reason to hide them, you can always also display your favorites with pride.

Other Storage Suggestions

These are just a few suggestions across the board, but I’m sure others have come up with creative solutions to store, hide, and keep their toys in tip-top shape! Do you have any recommendations? Share them with us and we'll include some of them in this article! 

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