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Best, Unique Sex Toys For Happy Couples: From Vanilla To Kinky

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Looking for a couples vibrator can feel overwhelming. There are so many different ones out there — which one do you choose? Below, we've selected some of the best sex toys for couples out there for different experiences and different tastes. We also have a couple of surprises at the end that you can try right now for free, so if you're curious... read on!

Eva II - an innovative vibrator you can use with certain positions during intercourse.

Eva II

Eva II is a vibrator you can wear in certain positions during intercourse. It's a cute, little doodad that you can nestle between the vulva lips, and as your partner thrusts (or generally applies weight on you) it applies clitoral stimulation via vibration.

Depending on your specific anatomy and the positions you try, it might fall out or need some help being held, so it may not be hands-free in all cases for you. Generally, I've found that it works best when using in the missionary position. When it does work though, it can work like a charm! 👌

Buy it here.

Lovense produces a variety of different vibrators that can be controlled remotely from anywhere around the worldLovense Hush


Lovense produces a variety of different vibrators that can be remotely controlled from anywhere around the world. It's perfect if you're in a long distance relationship and desire some intimate time with your partner, or if you want to discreetly insert a vibrator and wear it around town for some sneaky public play.

Buy Lush (bullet vibe) here, and buy Hush (butt plug) here.

The Vesper by Crave - silver necklace vibrator you can wear.

Vesper Necklace

The Vesper by Crave is a vibrator you can wear as a necklace. If you read that description alone you might be scratching your head, but if you see what it looks like you'll see that it's actually quite elegant. But what makes this a great addition to the partner list is that it's one of the best vibrators to use during partner play. It's small, packs a punch for its size, and depending on the position it's easy to include during partner play during a variety of sexual acts, including intercourse.

Buy it here.

The Lioness Smart Vibrator App for iOS and Android


Want other ways to learn about what you and your partner like? Our product the Lioness may be able to help!

Lioness is the first and only vibrator that helps improve your (or your partner's) orgasms, with and without the vibe. It uses precision sensors that can let you literally see your arousal and orgasm either after the fact or in real-time. It also has optional remote control that you can use within a room if you want to incorporate it during foreplay. Experiment, understand, and have better orgasms — after all, as the saying goes, “never measured, never improved." 😉

If you're curious to learn more, you can learn about all the different ways you can use Lioness for couples play here.

Buy it here.

Clone-A-Willy - a kit for making a mold of your genitals, which you can then turn it into a sex toy Clone-a-Pussy - a kit for making a mold of your genitals, which you can then turn into a sex toy

Clone-A-Willy or Pussy

These kits are a fun way to leave a representation of yourself with your partner, especially when you're away. Basically, you can make a mold of your genitals and then make it a sex toy. You do need to be careful how you make the mold, because the materials start setting quickly. It'd be worth practicing the mold-making process a few times before trying it for real because you can get a feel for how it works before losing all of your moldmaking material. Once you figure it out though, it can be a fun experience, and you can share your new gift with your partner!

Buy Clone-A-Willy here.

Buy Clone-A-Pussy here.

CalExotics Scandal Universal Cuff Set - a bit of light bondage is always a fun way to spice up a relationship


Seems obvious, but never underestimate the basics — a bit of light bondage is always a fun way to spice things up in a relationship. If you're looking to get started with bondage I recommend these handcuffs because they're comfortable, can fit a wide array of wrist and ankle sizes, and the metal attaching the cuffs twist with your body, so it's more comfortable to sit, lay, and adjust into more comfortable positions.

Buy it here.

STRICT Bondage Board - a portable BDSM board to level up your play when there isn't space for a sex dungeon in your home

BDSM board

If you want to level up your sensation play a bit but don't have the space to make an entire sex dungeon in your home, this BDSM board is a great start. It's really easy to attach anything (or anyone) you want to it, it is easy to store under a bed or couch, and you can keep some of the cuffs on if you want easy setup the next time you want to play.

Buy it here.

Couple holding flower and laughing

Yes/No/Maybe Kink List

Yeah, it's not a toy, but filling out one of these lists can be one of the best ways to talk about different interests and decide what things would be fun to explore together. There are so many different fantasies that it can be tough to talk about everything that excites you and your partner in one sitting, but having a comprehensive list in front of you can make it a lot easier. Out of all of the lists out there, I recommend this one as it's pretty comprehensive of a bunch of different kinks that you and your partner might like.

Find it here.

Older happy couple

36 Questions to Fall In Love

Also not a toy and probably the most wholesome thing on this list, but anything that encourages conversation, connection, and being vulnerable and real with one another can do wonders for a relationship. This list of 36 questions, first covered in The New York Times, can help people connect and open up to each other, and goes way past the light talk. Even if you've been together for decades, give this list a try. You might be surprised what you learn about each other!

Find it here.


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