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9 tips to turn your pitifully small apartment into a bonafide sex dungeon

Typical apartment

By Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness

Based on a true story

I’m a millennial who lives in an urban area in a cozy studio apartment. I have a husband, and we like sex.

In my line of work as a smart vibrator inventor, I come across all sorts of cool sex stuff, and I write about it frequently because I think more people should know about what’s out there. But when it comes to the larger items such as sex machines and furniture, as intriguing as I find them, I have to admire from afar because I can’t discreetly fit an Archer Bowchair or a Chaise in my apartment (gotta balance having a comfy couch with a backing vs. ergonomic sex stuff, y’know?).

Quiet whispers

I can only imagine what it’s like if you have roommates, since not only might you need to be mindful of space, you may also need to be mindful of sound. That obviously varies depending on the folks you are with and comfort/prudishness around sex, but at least for us that’s not a question. The space, however, still is, because I don’t prefer to have my friends or relatives walking into our personal sex den.

That’s why, when I come across some portable and discreet sex contraptions, when possible I try to Amazon Prime it ASAP. And today, I’m going to share with all of you lovely internet people (and to all of my friends who read my blog posts... hello, I hope you enjoy reading this, lol) the best saavy finds on the internet. Because no matter your space, everyone should have the ability to explore and have fun.

Portable BDSM bondage board


1. Portable BDSM Bondage Board

If I could give whoever invented this an award for sexual ingenuity, I would. It comes completely assembled and has a bunch of places where you can hook up cuffs and tie down people in a variety of different positions. Oh yes, and it’s padded. When you’re done, you can easily hide it under the bed.

You can even keep some of the straps and stuff on it so it’s easy to get into the heat of things again the next time you want to use it. Last night was Bondage Saturday, Sunday morning you have your in-laws over, minimal clean up. Get your own board here.

Bonds of steel - portable suspension kit & freestanding rig

2. Portable suspension kit

If you're into suspension, check out this portable, freestanding rig. It was designed to be set up without any tools necessary and is tall enough to be set up over a bed. When you're done, you can pack it up into a very portable bag and tuck it away in your drawer or closet. This rig doesn't come cheap — but if you're looking for something like this to work in your apartment, this can be a great option. You can get your suspension kit here.

Bed with bedposts - you can tie your partner (or be tied) to the posts

3. Bed with bedposts

Some of the best solutions can be everyday objects that you can get... creative with. Take this bed with bedposts. You have a LOT of places where you can tie your partner (or be tied) to the posts. You can get a bed like this on Amazon (with Prime!).

Upholstered bed with storage - you can use it to store your favorite sex play items

4. Bed with storage

If you need help with storage, get a bed with built-in drawers. You can use it for clothes, but you can also use it for easy access to some of your favorite play items. Get a bed with drawers here.

Quiet Walk - muffle sound so your neighbors don’t hear you

5. Muffling sound so your neighbors don’t hear you

Need to muffle some of the noises you're making, either to feel more comfortable playing (or for your neighbors to stop complaining about all the noise?). You can get underlayment material like the one above to put underneath your flooring. It's designed specifically to muffle noise. Paired with a rug, you can avoid your downstairs neighbors coming up and breaking up your favorite moments. It's also not very expensive and folks have reported that it's worth every penny. Get it here.

Philips Hue 2-Pack Premium Smart Light Starter Kit

6. Smart lightbulbs to control light and mood

You can easily transform a space with lighting. Make it app controlled so you can set your lighting exactly how you want it with the tap of a button. It's also quite versatile for everyday use, since you can set these lights to dim in the evenings, which can help your circadian rhythm so you can get more sleep, feel better, and enjoy sex more... Get the lightbulbs here.

Blackout curtains

7. Blackout curtains to further control lighting

You can also get blackout curtains for your room so you can avoid nosy neighbors and further control your lighting. You can get blackout curtains for as cheap as $20 here.

Grandma's secret spot remover  XL Puppy Pads

8. Quick cleanup

Cleanup is always a bit of a drag, but it's necessary. Especially if you have a studio and need to brush up in case of guests. Things that can be especially difficult to clean up can be certain lubricants (especially oil-based ones) and some bodily fluids. For both of these, you can use XL splatter pads and "Grandma's Secret Spot Remover". Now you might be thinking that these solutions look a little bit funky and don't look very sexy... but you'll thank me later when they work. Again, creative uses of everyday products, especially ones that you can use for multiple things at home, are the best, especially when you have limited space to work with. Get the splatter pads here, and Grandma's Secret Spot Remover here.


 Pillows with secret compartments

9. How to store your smaller accessories

Need more options for storage space? We wrote a whole article on the topic here. If you're looking for ways to store basic BDSM items like rope, blindfolds, handcuffs, gags, etc. you could stuff some of the smaller items in a pillow like this one above that has a secret compartment. That way, the pillow is close by when the moment arises. Get a pillow like this one here.

nude posture shadows


No matter your space or circumstances, when there's a will, there's always a way to explore your fantasies. You just need to find the right products and have a creative, playful mind.


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