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I Tried 3 dosist Pens To See Which One Is The Best For Sex

Dosist pens - which dosist pen is the best for sex?

By Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness

When I first learned about dosist and that they made cannabis products (not just one, but two!) specifically with sexy times in mind, my first thoughts were, "are they *actually* the best products for sex (versus the other dosist pens)?" and "which one is better?"

That's not only because I'm nerdy about cannabis and sex, but also because through my (s)explorations, I've inadvertently become a reviewer ofdifferent cannabis products, using the Lioness Smart Vibrator I co-invented to see my own orgasm data (paired with my subjective opinion) to see and compare different experiences.

Some of my favorite experiences have been comparing different strains to see how they affected my pleasure and coordinating a project with Eaze and recruiting Lioness users to see how cannabis and CBD can affect pleasure for different people. And now, I'm (s)exploring dosist.

What are dosist pens?

dosist vape pens, whose formulas are a combination ofextracted THC, CBD, and terpenes in the form of a microdose, are designed to craft distinctly different, yet highly specific experiences. With cannabis, it's been thought that you can use different combinations of THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids to produce different effects. Some of the experiences dosist has crafted for is sleep, bliss, and... arouse. 😉

Since their initial launch, they have added THC+ pens, rechargeable pens (nondisposable, USB charged), and are coming out with THC-free products (presumably CBD and terpenes only and not necessarily in the form of a vape pen).

How do you use dosist pens?

dosist pens are designed for microdosing. Basically, you take a breath from the pen until it buzzes at you, and that's one dose. Depending on tolerance and what experience you want, they typically recommend between 1-3 "doses" an hour.

My (s)experiment

There are currently 5 different pens: Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, Arouse. At the time when I initially experimented with this, they also had Passion (which appears to have been discontinued).

Naturally, you might think I'd just test theArouseandPassionpens... but if you've been a regular reader of my cannabis/sex content, you'd know that there are a variety ofdifferent combinationsof cannabinoids and terpenes that can be consumed in different ways and different doses for different effects. So I decided to try Bliss in addition to Arouse and Passion and compare those experiences.

The "Arouse" dosist vape pen - designed to relax your mind and body


10:1 THC-to-CBD ratio

Terpenes: Linalool and farnesene

Arouseis "designed to relax your mind and body," while the terpenes are supposed to "help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement naturally."

I have to say ... *drum roll* ... I believe it delivered! See below — x-axis is time (seconds), y-axis is force (gram force):

dosist Arouse session

What jumps out to me about this experience is that there are a BUNCH of dips in this graph compared to the others. What are these dips? Well, they're usually something I've noticed when I've practiced edging, which is basically the practice of bringing yourself to a high stage of arousal and holding back climax, heightening pleasure when youdoclimax.

dosist Arouse Dips

(If you're curious to learn more, you can check out our article on edginghere. For the record, I'm "Lisa" over there... you'll see what I mean 😛)

The thing is... I wasn't deliberately doing that here. It was just me, the pen, and the vibe. I'd want to try this more over time to see how consistent this is, but I do find it interesting that it does resemble a lot of my deliberate edging sessions... and regardless, enjoyable.

Session graph showing orgasm data from edging when using the Lioness Vibrator

An example ofedgingwith the Lioness Vibrator. The dips occurred around the time of holding back just before climax. The exact pattern can vary depending on the individual.

Another plus: I also felt a nice high along with it, which was nice because it's exactly the sort of feeling I'm expecting if I'm trying cannabis with pleasure. It didn't make me a crazy, out-of-control horny person (which honestly, I wouldn't want). It struck the right sensation between interested, aroused, and novel. 10/10 👌👌👌

If you're curious to learn more, another member of the Lioness Pride also tried the Arouse pen and reported on her experience. You can check out her experience here.

The dosist vape pen "Passion" delivers a euphoric feeling designed to increase sensuality and heighten your sexual experience


11:1 THC-to-CBD ratio

Terpenes: Myrcene blended with limonene

Passion delivers "a euphoric feeling designed to increase your sensuality and heighten your sexual experience; building stronger and more intimate connections." Does it do that? Let's find out!

dosist Passion Session 1

To be honest... mentally-speaking, I didn't feel a difference. Physically-speaking, however, shows another story. I was much faster than I usually am, similar to my experiences vaping sativa-dominant strains in the past. I was surprised that I didn't feel much mentally the first time so I did it again, this time going over 2X their recommended dosage to see if I felt anything different. Still nothing, but also still pretty fast.

dosist Passion Session 2

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, depending on what you're looking for. As with anything, these effects will vary between individuals because our bodies and chemistry are all unique. Maybe some folks are really affected by Passion over Arouse. And also, there are people who'd prefer some novel sexual enhancement effects *without* feeling a mental high.

It's actually pretty cool to see how different these two pens are and how they have different effects on me, because it's living up to their promise of crafting different formulas for different experiences.

Personally, I'd choose Arouse over Passion because I like having mental stimulation more than being faster. But for all those folks out there who email me on a weekly basis asking how to orgasm faster, this might do the trick for you.

The "Bliss" dosist vape pen - the non-sensual pen in this lineup


9:1 THC-to-CBD ratio

Terpenes:a- and β-pinene and terpinolene

Blissis the non-sensual pen in this lineup. Out of all the "non-sex" pens, I was most curious about Bliss because I figured that being happy would mean that I'd enjoy the experience more. Plus, deep down, who doesn'twant to be happier?

dosist Bliss Session

The results? Well... Bliss was more of a sleep aid for me than a sex aid. While I was faster, just like I was when using the Passion pen... I fell asleep afterwards for a few hours, which rarely happens to me, even WITH cannabis. It was like a metaphorical sledgehammer hit me and I was fast asleep for a good 3-4 hours that evening. 

Bunny sleeping

If Bliss put me to sleep like this, what would the Sleep pen do? Make me Sleeping Beauty? What would the other pens do? I'm curious to try more of them!

Fortunately it was the weekend and my husband and I didn't have any plans, and I probably needed the sleep one way or another, but it was an unexpected effect. Since then, I've tried Bliss just for sleeping and it seems to work well for that. Whether it makes me feel happy and light? Well... I feel good enough to fall asleep, so there's that!

All of the pens together, in one chart

dosist Session Comparison Chart

If I had to rank the three I've tried so far, the Arouse is probably my favorite pen for sex, followed by Bliss (the sleep is an extra perk when needed) and Passion. If you're curious to try something new, I'd suggest trying a few different options and see which one you like the best! While Arouse might work best for me you might find another one works better for you!

Some might find Arouse being my favorite a bit surprising — "But wait, didn't using Arouse take the longest to orgasm?" Yes, it did. But I enjoyed the experience more overall. What the "best orgasm" is can depend on a variety of factors, from speed to intensity to novelty to, well, what I'm feeling that day.

Woman with a magic ball

The takeaway: Experiment and find what works for you

The cool thing with cannabis is that the combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes, in different forms, can have a variety of effects on you depending on your dosage and your unique body. dosist shows that with their lineup and is very deliberate about it. I could literally feel the different effects and see some of it in my data, too, and for that reason, I think what dosist is doing is really cool and can bring enrichment and delight into people's lives.

While you definitely should check out Arouse and Passion, your sexual exploration shouldn't be limited to what's labeled/marketed as "sex stuff" — lots of things can become an enhancer if you are curious to explore, have an open mind, and are fine with things not working out in ways you might not expect. You never know... you might stumble upon your personal aphrodisiac. Or a sleep aid.

Where to buy dosist pens

dosist pens available at a number of dispensaries in Canada and California where cannabis is recreationally and medicinally legal for purchase and use.

If you are in California, you can useEaze's cannabis delivery serviceto get dosist pens (and many other goodies) delivered to your door.

Once dosist comes out with their line of THC-free products, those will likely be available in the United States and possibly Canada and other parts of the world where hemp-based CBD is legal to buy and use.


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