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Lioness versus Pregnancy: Are sex toys safe to use when you’re pregnant?

pregnant woman laying with partner

By Tara Blair Ball

When you’re expecting, sex is eitheralways on your mind or the very last thing. But whether you want to have sex or not, you may be asking yourselfis it safe to use sex toys while I’m pregnant?

Rest assured, if your pregnancy is healthy and you haven’t been explicitly told not to by your doctor or healthcare provider, then you can feel free to have sexwith or without toys.

Fortunately, my pregnancy was not high-risk, so at 7 months I got a Lioness Vibrator. Even though I’d used a bullet with my partner during my first and second trimesters, I was curious to try a vibrator. I was also attracted to the Lioness because it would allow me to collect data about each of my sexual experiences, whether they were with my partner or alone.

Using sex toys during pregnancy

If you choose to use sex toys, there are still some things you should be cautious of:

  • Sex toys, even brand new ones in the box, can still carry bacteria that could lead to bad things if inserted into your vagina. Wash your sex toys before and after each use.
    Pregnant women particularly have to be careful as bacterial infections can cause preterm labor.
  • Using a toy for anal sex in or near your vaginal area without thoroughly washing it first is another increased risk for infection. A condom on the toy can also make it easier to clean.
  • Pee after using a vibrator or sex toy, just like you would after sex, to help yourself avoid a UTI.

Using the Lioness Vibrator during pregnancy

I set out to use the Lioness during my pregnancy for a few reasons:

  • to explore the data capabilities of the Lioness,
  • to use it with my husband to explore some of the different ways the vibrator can be used as a couples toy.

As a result, each of my sessions ended up quite different:

Session #1: Can I masturbate while pleasuring my partner while I’m pregnant?

Sex toys are a great way to improve intimacy and mutual satisfaction with a partner, so for my very first session with the Lioness, I decided to use it on myself while pleasuring my partner.

author's first session

While the Lioness has multiple vibration strengths, I didn’t bother trying the other levels. During pregnancy, I’ve found that I’m just more sensitive, and a vibration level of 30% (shown by the yellow line) workedjusttttfine.

I’ve also found that I orgasm very quickly since becoming pregnant. This session, at 5 minutes and 20 seconds, was the longest one I had using the Lioness, and that’s because I orgasmed twice. Once at 45 seconds (the reason for that prominent dip at the beginning of the graph), and then another one right at 5 minutes.

For a bit of comparison, here is the chart of my quickest orgasm (attwenty seconds!) and the shortest session (in red) overlaying this session (in green).

Lioness Vibrator graph comparison

It was interesting to see the difference between my two orgasms. One had an abrupt drop-off, while the other had fewer and fewer contractions before I quit using the toy altogether.

Since most vibrators are harder than an actual penis, I made sure to start slowly and to not go too deeply as I didn’t want to irritate my cervix. Leading up to my second orgasm, it was obvious that I’d had some pretty strong vaginal contractions.

Though I didn’t experience any contractions after having sex with my partner, I did have a small amount of bleeding. I spotted through the next morning and was back to normal afterward.

My doctor had let me know before, and I confirmed with her afterward, that light bleeding/spotting can happen at any time and shouldn’t be of any concern as long as it remains significantly less than a period and is resolved within 2 days. If you find yourself bleeding more like a period or it seems like you’re leaking amniotic fluid, you should immediately call your doctor.

Session #2: Is mutual masturbation pregnancy-safe?

For the second session, my partner and I decided to masturbate together. I wanted to experiment with the toy a bit more, and he wanted to watch me, which is just one of many ways that adding a sex toy can improve your relationship with your partner (whether you’re pregnant or not).

author's second session

I started slowly by just taking some time to feel it on my clit and labia before slipping it in. Unfortunately (or fortunately maybe?), I cameway faster than my partner. I was doneand perfectly satisfied in less than 2 minutes. “I didn’t know this was a race!” is what he actually said to me.

You can see from this graph that my contractions were very small because I was using it both internally and externally. Once I did move to internally though, I was done quickly with a “volcano” type orgasm, as you can see below. One strong all of a sudden contraction followed by the resolving dip.

author's orgasm zoomed in

Session #3: Can my partner use sex toys on me while I am pregnant?

For this third session, I let my partner control the Lioness. Just like all of my previous experiences, I came extremely quickly at 1 minute and 33 seconds (shown by the peak before the extreme dip).

author's third session

After I came, my partner then used it externally before inserting it internally once again. For the next two minutes, he used the toy to bring me close to orgasm without finishing, which made me super ready for when we put the toy down and enjoyed each other.

Sex toys and pregnancy: the verdict is in

Unless your doctor says otherwise, sex toys are entirely safe for you to use during pregnancy. As with most things during pregnancy, if you aren’t sure if you can have sex, check in with your doctor.

There are many different ways to incorporate toys into your sex life during pregnancy. Sex toys can bring in new experiences with your partner, as well as make your solo-time that much more enjoyable. Having a vibrator like the Lioness Vibrator can help too by providing you real-time data into your sexual experiences.

Since having kiddos may take away some of the freedom you have to enjoy time by yourself or with your partner, take advantage of it while you can!


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