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Sex Guides

Here at Lioness, we're big on research. So we asked mental health experts and therapists whether there is any truth to these claims. Here's what they had to say:

  • 3 min read
Scientific studies show that pain and pleasure are processed in the same area of the brain. The ventral tegmental area becomes electrified when we feel pleasure from instant gratification or long-term personal development — think orgasms (instant) or learning a new language (long-term). When this area lights up, dopamine is released throughout the body.
  • 5 min read

When I first ventured into the world of BDSM, almost three years ago, I’d come crashing and burning out of a decade long abusive relationship and I was pining to explore and reclaim my personal and sexuality sovereignty.

I immediately saw the obvious irony in the situation, and joked about it myself: “Woman leaves verbally abusive relationship; finds comfort in sexual domination and spanking”. 

Why would anyone come out of an abusive relationship and seek out sexual practices that, to many, are viewed as violent? 

  • 5 min read
Spring is here which means it’s a great time to explore the birds and the bees. You see what I did? I have to say though, while self-exploration and masturbation is still totally fun, sometimes bringing in a partner amps up the fun. So today, I’m here to share with you some fun sex ideas you could try with your significant other or partner using the Lioness vibrator.
  • 3 min read

These are the best nipple pasties on the internet. Once thought of kind of kinky and reserved for boudoir, nipple pasties are everywhere. You can use them as part of everyday wear if you have an outfit that’s cut in a way where you may want other options besides wearing bras. Even if you can’t do that and need a good bra for support, there are now so many fun designs out there that you can wear them for fun or a night out!

  • 3 min read
What is a fetish? How is a fetish different from a kink or turn on? Where do they come from? And is it ok if you have one? We'll explore all this and more in this article.
  • 5 min read

Looking to add some spice to your vanilla sex life? Explore the world of kink and find something that suits your fancy! While it’s impossible to have a completely exhaustive list, we've put together a roundup of some of the more popular kinks and ground rules.

  • 10 min read
One group we we found really resonated with the Lioness was swingers. Many approached us at events talking about how they used it and provided suggestions. We got a lot of fun stories on the swing lifestyle, play parties, and how the Lioness is used in that context—either as just a sex toy, but often as something more.

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