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Después de mi primera incursión con el Vibrador Lioness, no podía negar que los orgasmos iban a llegar fácilmente. Duré la friolera de 2 minutos y 49 segundos con el juguete sexual real y encontré respuesta a mis preguntas originales por completo.

Pero masturbarse con la Leona va más allá de cada sesión. Una vez que abrí la aplicación y sincronicé mi sesión, ¡descubrí que tenía algunas preguntas más!

Así que, como cualquier buen científico sexual aficionado haría, llevé mis preguntas directamente a la fuente: Liz Klinger, directora general y cofundadora de Lioness.

Tanto si estás interesado en comprar un Lioness, como si tienes uno en el correo de camino, te animo a que leas mis preguntas antes de dar una vuelta a tu propio vibrador inteligente.

  • 6 min read

I could list off all the benefits of exercising, but here’s one of the biggest motivators: research has shown that exercise can improve your orgasms and sexual activity. 

Aerobic exercise improves oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, which can mean long-lasting erections for people with penises and higher clitoral sensitivity for people with vaginas. 

Plus, working out can boost body positivity and make you feel more confident and present in your body.

In a world where masturbation for people with vaginas is still taboo, it’s so important to be able to make space for the learning, exploration, and fun Liz and Anna had in mind when they developed the Lioness Smart Vibrator.

This is why we came up with the “What Lioness Means to Me” blog series. We want to be able to go a step beyond Lioness Vibrator reviews. We want to highlight the Lioness’s capabilities while giving all of those in our Pride the chance to speak for themselves.

Below is the first in our series, a submission from Rachael. Rachael is a mom, a woman with a Ph.D., a college professor, and a self-proclaimed Lioness enthusiast. Check out her story below:

  • 6 min read

According to a Havas study on Love in the Digital Age, “more than 4 in 10 [people] would be willing to monitor their sexual activities and performance for improvement.” It harkens back to that old saying" “never measured, never improved.” Not only can you get better at things or improve your life through measurement and data, but you can also apply the same principles to improving your sex life.

While there are more period and fertility trackers than I can count on both of my hands, sex and orgasm tracking is a highly sought after, yet nascent space. But search I did, and I found a variety of different trackers out there. Each of these are great for different purposes, whether you’re tracking sex in terms of fertility, health, or just to remember to kick back and have fun.

From tracking sex, masturbation, orgasms, and more, here are some of the best sex and orgasm trackers on the market.

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"I was really attracted to [Lioness's] data-tracking, particularly with regards to muscle contraction. At the time, I was struggling with pain during intercourse and was diagnosed with vaginismus, so I wanted to see for myself what that looked like."
  • 5 min read

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