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Theorgasm gap is simply the difference in frequency of orgasm between men and women. (Stay with me; I know the heteronormativity isn’t ideal but, until recently, most studies mainly surveyed cisgender men and women, many who identified as heterosexual. We’re going to discuss a study that compares the orgasm gap between LGBTQ+ individuals a bit later in this article, too!)
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It may not be a surprise to some women, but a new study that came out just last year shows that the longer a woman is in a committed long term relationship, the more likely it is that her libido will decrease.

The study concluded that women need variety and novelty in their sexual experiences to stay interested.

This article condenses research on the nature of female desire in long-term heterosexual relationships. 

  • 5 min read

In the past, porn had a reputation for being geared towards straight, heterosexual men. The points of view, the storylines (or lack thereof), even the way a woman’s pleasure was depicted all seemed to cater to a demographic women just weren’t a part of.

Fortunately, the times they are a’changin’ and there is so much more porn for the choosing in 2020. If you’ve ever wondered “where can I find porn for women?” this one’s for you. We'll go over what porn for women is and some of the best options out there right now.

  • 17 min read

When you’re expecting, sex is either always on your mind or the very last thing. But whether you want to have sex or not, you may be asking yourself is it safe to use sex toys while I’m pregnant?

Rest assured, if your pregnancy is healthy and you haven’t been explicitly told not to by your doctor or healthcare provider, then you can feel free to have sex with or without toys. 

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Femtech is a weird category. While it has raised awareness in the mainstream consciousness about a number of issues related to women’s health, the term is not without its underlying problems.

Here, I will speak about it as the Co-founder and CEO of Lioness, a sexual wellness company that created a biofeedback vibrator that helps people learn more about their own bodies and pleasure. I started Lioness in 2013, a few years before the term Femtech was in the general conversation, and can share a bit about how the rise of this term has influenced investment and media over the years.

  • 13 min read

Farting is one of those things we all do, but society seems to tell us we “shouldn't” fart. If we happen to pass gas in front of other people, it can often induce embarrassment and frantic looking around, hoping nobody suspects it was us. But it's a completely natural and common occurrence to fart.

It's the same thing with vaginal farts, otherwise known as “queefing,” but these usually happen in front of a much smaller crowd. When a person queefs during sex, it can leave them mortified and negatively impact their pleasure — even if their partner(s) doesn't seem to care.

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Laura and Ian had been together for a year when he began making regular requests for her to watch porn with him to “spice things up” in their bedroom. Up until then, Laura had only read erotica on her own to get herself in the mood. She was reluctant to watch porn in the past because she’d read that women who worked in the porn industry were often mistreated and underpaid. Wanting to keep her sex life healthy, she agreed to watch porn with Ian after one of their date nights.

“I wanted to like it, this porn he was so enthusiastic to share with me to get us in the mood,” Laura shared as she told me about her experience watching pornography with her boyfriend Ian. “But as it progressed, I couldn’t get over the blatant objectification of women. I could tell the women in the video weren’t actually enjoying themselves. And rather than turning me on, I was repulsed and disappointed.”

  • 4 min read
Not interested in sex these days? Studies show that nearly 40% of women will experience some type of sexual problem over the course of their lives, and 70% with low sexual desire report negative results such as poor self esteem.  If you’ve experienced a loss of libido, were you able to determine why?
It’s hard to imagine labor and delivery as anything other than a woman screaming in pain, enduring the painful process that is birth. But those who have had an orgasmic birth — otherwise referred to as a “birthgasm” — will tell you that sometimes, the excruciating pain experienced during childbirth can transition into something that is best described as ecstatic pleasure. Learn more about orgasmic birthing and how you might be able to have one too.
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Lesbians have great sex, and we have the data to prove it. Research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Nature found that while straight people have sex more often, lesbians report having far more orgasms — 86 percent of the time —  compared to their heterosexual counterparts, who orgasm only 65 percent of the time.  

But how do we have this earth-shattering, orgasm-giving sex? It’s not just about oral sex— though there’s plenty of that, too. To avoid the dreaded “lesbian bed death” thought to come with long-term relationships, lesbians have to get more creative with our sex positions to keep things exciting.

Whether you’ve been together for 2 months or 20 years, here are some of the best lesbian sex positions you can incorporate into your sex life to keep the passion flowing.

Oral sex. Cunnilingus. Eating out. Giving head.

Whatever you call it, going down on a person with avulva is an amazing experience for everyone involved—if you do it right. (So for the love of vulvas,please stop drawing the ABC’s with your tongue.)

Good oral sex can make you feel like you have superpowers, whether you’re the giving or receiving partner. Going down on a woman (or person with a vulva) requires finesse. It requires confidence. Most of all, it requires you to understand what you’re doing and why.

Instead of turning oral sex into a spelling bee or guessing game, take a look at our tips for both giving and recieving oral sex, as well as some quotes from both oral sex givers and receivers.

We’re not saying they’re totally fail-proof oral sex tips, but they are fun and sexy, with the potential to produce mind-blowing orgasms!

  • 9 min read

If you are familiar with the names of people considered thought leaders of sex in the 20th century, you might think of Alfred Kinsey, William Masters, and Sigmund Freud (the latter being especially debatable given his... questionable stances on female sexuality). Like in other facets of history, women and their own achievements tend to be overlooked. But we're here to try and change that.

Meet some of the women who changed our understanding of sex in the 20th century.

  • 5 min read

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