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12 Types Of Sex Furniture: From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Boring furniture? The ultimate sex furniture guide to amp up your sex life

By Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness

What is sex furniture?

As someone who makes smart vibrators for a living, I learn about all sorts of products that exist to enhance our sexual pleasure. Sex furniture is an amazing way to do just that — and they come in all shapes, sizes for whether you live in a studio apartment or a McMansion.

Sex furniture, also known as erotic or intimate furniture, is used to enhance your experience, support a sexual fantasy, or even assist in making some positions or moves possible that were difficult to do before due to flexibility, endurance, or a physical handicap.

If there is a certain sex position, fantasy, or movement that has been difficult to achieve, you can find the perfect erotic furniture design to make your experience splendid. A great piece of furniture can be the difference between making an experience just all right to absolutely wild.

Think this stuff will be too expensive or won’t fit inside your compact home? Think again. There is a piece of furniture for everything you can think of, at every price point...and even collapsible, hidden, and discrete furniture for those who want to hide their secret fantasies the next time their mother-in-law makes a surprise visit. From studio apartments to McMansions, we’ve found the perfect piece for any setup and desire!

Popular Sex Furniture Options

Love Pillow / The Wedge - Liberator Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

Love Pillow / The Wedge

When people think of furniture, one of the first things they may think of is the pillow. While you can use your usual pillow to prop your hips up to hit just the right spot, there are love cushions available that are angled specifically to prop yourself (or your partner) up to create your dream sex position.

If you want to be discrete, you can use thesame pillow that’s sometimes sold for neck kinks, sleep apnea, or acid reflux, so anyone who comes into your bedroom will be none the wiser.

If you want something a bit more specific for sexy times, Liberator makes a wide range ofsex pillows,blankets, and much,much more that we’ll get into shortly.

Some pillows are designed with sex toy mounts so you can place your favorite vibrator (like yours truly theLioness Vibrator!) at the base for more positions to play.If you want to hide your sex pillow, there are alsoinflated sex pillows (with pumps) that you can whip out only when you need it.

Jimmyjane Massage candle

Massage Oil Candles

While it’s not furniture, per se, candles do fall under the home category... and now also sex accessories. 😉 There clever candles are made of massage oil, so when you light them up, you can drip the warmed oil on your partner! This wax doesn’t get very hot, and some of these candles (like the one above) are designed with spouts so you can control the release of the wax.

My favorite one is from JimmyJane, who created an award-winning line of massage candles that are made of porcelain, the spout is subtly designed into the overall form factor, and the Dark Vanilla scent smells really good and not overpowering. If you’ve been toying with the idea of wax play, this is a good place to start. 

Sex couch - Liberator Esse Chaise II Black Label

Sex Couch

Is a couch more your style? A sex chaise is the ultimate, classic sex lounge chair. It’s designed so you can sit on it on a variety of ways so you can get that perfect position.Liberator sells a variety of love couches, some with straps and extra pillows to prop yourself up further or to have bondage furniture.The Tantra Chair is also another classic chaise, which The Discovery Channel called “our favourite chair”.

The Tantra Chair is classic chaise, which The Discovery Channel called “our favourite chair”.

Level up your sex furniture with The Bowchair

The Archer Bowchair is a handcrafted bouncing sex chair that’s as functional as is sexy.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, this is the one to check out. The Archer Bowchair is a handcrafted bouncing sex chair that’s as functional as is sexy. It was originally designed to “provide relief to women suffering from problems associated with female sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor disorders during sexual intercourse”...but is also just really fun and very durable for anybody. “The rebounding carbon fiber leaf springs and elastic frame components, coupled with a shape that caresses the human form, is enjoyable and exhilarating for all. ”

UPDATE: We interviewed Bob, creator of the Bowchair, here.



Multifunction Sex Chair/Queening Stool - designed for oral sex from the partner

Queening Stools

A queening chair is a chair designed for one partner to be seated while receiving oral sex from the partner whose head is beneath the stool. When positioned correctly, it can make cunnilingus and rimming easier for both the giver and receiver. The chair above is collapsible for easy storage, and fairly inexpensive as far as sex furniture goes.

Shower grip - Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Balance Assist Bar

Shower Grip

Your grandparents might have one of these for their bathroom...but did you know that you can use shower assists to get the perfect position for shower play or bath time fun? You didn’t know what you were missing out on, huh? Visiting grandma's house will never be the same again.

a sturdy canopy bed enables you add a variety of straps for a variety of positions

Sex Bed

You might be thinking, how is this different than any other bed? It’s not, but if you’re creative and are looking for discrete functionality, getting asturdy canopy bed enables you add a variety of straps for a variety of positions, while no one is the wiser...they just think you like the canopy bed for show. Little do they know…

Bondage bedsheets - Sportsheets bed restraint system

Bondage Bedsheets

Don’t want to change your bed but want something for bedtime play?Sportsheets has a restraint system to explore your fantasies, or as they like to say, “put the bond in bondage”...

You can get swings that modify your already existing home or a portable swing stand like this one.
You can get swings that modify your already existing home or aportable swing stand like this one.

Sex Swings

While not furniture per se, a sex swing is often a temporary modification (often to adoor orbed) to your home that gives you the ability to prop hold your partner up in the perfect position for play. There is also afreestanding swing stand that you can assemble in 10 minutes or less to make any room your new playroom.

Dungeon Furniture

Not for the faint of heart, a great piece of dungeon furniture is not only functional, but sets the perfect tone for your next fantasy romp. Here are a few options ranging from mild to wild.

BDSM Bondage Board or Bondage Frame Table - you can strap or rope a person to the board

BDSM Bondage Board or Bondage Frame Table

There are bondage frame boards and tables (like this one, which is adjustable) so you can strap or rope a person to the board. This table has convenient holes with access points for the face, nipples, and genitals, and it is collapsible so you can store it under the bed or in a closet in seconds!

Jim Support Adjustable Fuck Bench

Fuck Bench / Sex Glider

A fuck bench is a piece of furniture where you can get your partner into the perfect sex position. What makes it somewhat different from the couch is that you have room to add straps or touch and tease your partner, but it might be a little more difficult to explain what this is versus explaining away your sex chaise as a fancy couch.

If you have a bit of room in your place and want something that is highly adjustable, Jim Support has a fuck bench that gives you a lot of flexibility to get the perfect position. You can also modify it so it can become a swinging bench, so there is a lot of flexibility to create your own fantasy with this cool bench!

New Cross X by MetalBound - A bondage cross is a standing fixture to strap in a vertical position

Bondage Cross

A bondage cross is a standing fixture that allows you to strap someone in in a vertical position. It’s a stark fixture for your burgeoning sex dungeon...or a very interesting, abstract sculpture in the living room that your Uncle Joe might ask about sometime. The cross above is designed with vinyl upholstery and hand-welded aluminum, so you’re getting the top-of-the-line as far as bondage furniture is concerned.

BDSM - Hammered Steel Coffee Table / Cage

Steel Coffee Table/Cage

Depending on your fantasies, this is either the most terrible or best idea ever (and whatever your opinion, you’re totally fine to feel either way!). But if you are interested in a submission fantasy,this cage could pass as your coffee or side table, or perhaps fancy crate training for the dog you may or may not own. Like other products from The Stockroom, it’s made with high quality and durable material — stainless steel hardware and floor upholstery.

Something for everybody

Regardless of your taste, setup, and lifestyle, there is a wide variety to add some spice to your life! What pieces will you be adding to your home?

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