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The Zumio X is pretty freaking cool: Exploring with Lioness

Zumio and Lioness

I’ve sometimes given the suggestion of trying different sensations with different external stimulators, using theLioness more a measurement tool by keeping the vibration off using the customizable vibration settings. This is an example of what I mean — here, I’ll use theZumio Xwhile using the Lioness’s biofeedback technology to show arousal and orgasm. You can see the differences between using the Zumio’s pinpoint sensation versus Lioness’ flexible clitoral nub (plus whatever else I experiment with!).

the zumio x is a small, pinpoint vibrator that packs a lot of punch for its size

What is the Zumio?

It’s a small, pinpoint vibrator that packs a lot of punch for its size. It’s stronger than its counterpartZumio S, which muffles the vibration with a slightly larger surface area and a silicone cover over the tip.

I had been eyeing it at my local Good Vibes, wondering how it might feel differently than standard vibrators… and wondering how my orgasms would look on a chart when trying it with the Lioness (hey, I made the product, I’m a curious person).

And despite its promise of giving 1-minute orgasms (which I’m generally skeptical of… as I don’t think any toys, including the one I’ve made, are a universal magic bullet). I also heard mixed reviews online from some folks who felt like it was too intense. So of course, that only made me more curious.

Thankfully, I also have a curious partner, and we got one for Valentine’s Day.

Round 1

The first time

The first time using the Zumio was mixed. It was cool because you can use it to touch and move in very specific places. It was fun exploring, it felt good, but it didn’t get me there, so to speak. It did get me to a good place for when wedidhave sex, so there is that.

That being said, I still enjoyed the experience overall, especially since it’s fun to explore new things with a partner.

Round 2 zumio and lioness

Round two: With Lioness

Of course, I had to see what was going on. I was curious if there were any differences between using the Zumio and using the Lioness Vibrator. It took some fiddling, but here’s what I got.

First, for a comparison, here's an example of one of my own orgasms with the Lioness Vibrator:

Session analysis - Zumio

And now, two sessions using the Zumio:

Session analysis - Zumio Session analysis - Zumio

So yes, eventually, I did reach orgasm, and one that felt really good, at that! What was different? This time, I moved Zumio a lot less. I found what I wanted and just stayed there, kind of like how you find that show you want to watch and proceed to watch the entire season. When I found where I liked it, it was 👌.

Going back to the charts, the orgasms are pretty similar to each other —

Time to orgasm:It did take me a bit longer than usual with the Zumio versus my more recent sessions with Lioness, but not significantly longer. Not long enough that I recognized the difference personally... 30 seconds to 1 minute is insignificant when you're in the moment.

Strength of orgasm:The difference in force (the bottom of the wave to the top) is about 30 units* difference for the Lioness session and the first Zumio session, while it's a bit higher in the second Zumio session (the righthand graph).

( * Units here are gram force, for fellow nerds who are wondering. Doesn't mean much to most folks, but if you're curious, that's it.)

Length of orgasm:The lengths of orgasms were even similar — Lioness was about 40 seconds, while the two Zumio sessions were 60 seconds(!) and 30 seconds respectively.

Which one is better?

This question is for the people who look at things in a binary, black-and-white kind of way. Sorry folks, life doesn't work that way. 😘 But more seriously, I'd say they're both great toys but for different things. I'm not saying this just to be nice, if you want to see graphs of sessions where I don't enjoy things, look no further than my experience with clit pumps like the Womanizer here, and graph below of that for comparison:

Clit pump data

Here, my body was clenched and the orgasm range restricted to 20 units (versus the 30-35 units on the other toys). And yes, it was less enjoyable for me unfortunately.

Despite similar sessions, the Zumio is a great form of different stimulation that worked well for me after I fumbled with it a couple times. I can probably explore with it some more to see what else I can do with it, since there are a lot of things you can do with a small, rumbly little toy.

The Lioness is obviously great for providing data and biofeedback, but it's also great if you want a solid vibrator. Of course, take it with a grain of salt because I made the thing, but we did put a lot of work into it to make the motor much stronger for it's size and equivalent vibrators, the ergonomic handle, and the specific shape and form factor. So it's great as a solid rabbit vibrator as well as a toy you can use to explore your pleasure.

Zumio is a great external vibe that I'm happy to have added to my collection since it adds a new dimension to my own exploration, especially compared to most standard bullet vibes out there.

the zumio x

In conclusion, the Zumio is pretty rad

I think the Zumio is a great addition to a toy collection. Depending on what you’re used to, it may take a bit of time to get used to the sensation, since it is pretty different than what’s out there. I think it’s largely a plus in the long run since it’s more fun to try/explore different sensations, but the different sensation can be a bit of a learning curve at first.

Like all toys, no single toy is designed perfectly for everybody. There are some folks who find the Zumio X (and S) to be too much. There are multiple reasons why this could be happening and it depends on an individual’s circumstances.

Depending on your experience, I recommend taking different approaches when trying the Zumio and seeing what works for you. Do you prefer lots of movement? Pressure? Little to no movement? Is there a certain place that feels particularly good? Also, for vibrators that you might find too strong (the Magic Wand being another common example of this), vibration through underwear and/or thin-ish shorts or pants can help dampen the stimulation, perhaps to something more tolerable.

Zumio S Personal Stimulator with Unique SpiroTIP Whirling Motion

The one thing I take issue with is Zumio (and a few other sex toys) promising 1-minute orgasms. We’ve been finding that time to orgasm has less to do with the product/thing being used and more with the person and their own patterns, so having a product promise this (and not coming through) can be annoying for the customer, dubious as a marketing practice, and doesn’t help to bring legitimacy to the sex toy industry if we make false promises like that.

Plus, quick orgasms shouldn’t be the standard. There’s a lot that goes into pleasure (and not just orgasms!). It’s more about having a great experience overall, which the Zumio can definitely do, as I’ve experienced, so I hope they (and others) drop the 1-minute taglines in the future because it doesn’t help anybody.

Like all these product reviews unless otherwise noted, we buy these with our own (personal) money and haven’t either been contacted by or asked to review the product by the company.

Where can I get a Zumio?

You can buy Zumiohere!


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