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Dosist Arouse Review: Does Arouse Make Me More Arouse(d)?

Dosist Pens

At first I reached for dosist’s arouse pen as a distraction.I had been apart from my girlfriend for a time (not long enough to gain sympathy) and was annoyed at how much I was missing her when I could have just been sleeping... or doing something else. So I partook in one of my favorite pastimes: getting high and getting off. And this time I had a new toy to try that had some pretty lofty claims.


The arouse pen is marketed as an arousal supplement. On dosist’s site the description boasts that it will “help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement naturally.” Sounds good to me!!

As I already implied, I am usually high when I masturbate these days, so I’m already on board when it comes to weed and orgasms. I’ve always thought that a little marijuana helped me to get out of my head and feel my pleasure more acutely. I was excited to see if this “scientifically designed” pen could make the experience even better.

I started by taking a few puffs and waited until I felt good and high. I certainly felt aroused, but hey I knew what I was about to do! I was (and still am) cautious about giving the pen credit for my horniness leading up to masturbation. But boy was I h*rny. I used my Lioness Vibrator and had a 5-star orgasm (literally).

First Session

As you can see in my note, I described it as being longer than usual and stronger throughout the session. This actually came through wonderfully in the data. Here is what this orgasm looked like:

Session 1 Graph

It lasted about 30 seconds, which is definitely longer than my average orgasm duration of 15-20 seconds, but not the longest I’veeverhad. What’s interesting is how different it looks from my other orgasms. I’m an avalanche type, which means my orgasms tend to start right after some very regular muscle contractions (seconds 80-86 in this case) when they rocket up to a very strong contraction and then taper off quickly.

Here is an example of an orgasm where I was not using the arouse pen (but was high, just off of some Old Pal or Humboldt minis probably):

Session 3 Zoom Graph

You can see the big drop in force after the initial peak. That did not really occur in my session with arouse. My contractions varied in force a bit, but stayed much more consistently powerful than in my other sessions.

After having such an amazing orgasm, it ended up taking me quite a while to calm down enough to actually go to sleep. So long, in fact, that an hour later I was still worked up and went again. So now I have two sessions to show off the effects of this special sex weed.

Here is the data from my second session of the night, something which I’m usually too asleep to go for.

Session 2 Zoom Graph

This orgasm again felt good and strong, but was definitely shorter than my first (this one hits right on my average of ~20 seconds). When I looked at the data I could again see that the drop off in force did not happen nearly as quickly as in my other sessions.

In the following chart you can see all three of these orgasms compared against each other. It’s a bit crowded, but it’s nice to clearly see the difference in my orgasm pattern between the two April 1st sessions, and the one back in February before I got the arouse pen.

Dosist graph comparison

This allowed me to see that my muscle contractions may not have actually beenstronger,as it looks like they all three hit around the same point, force-wise. After using the lioness for over a year now, I've found that what makes an orgasm great (at least for me) is how long it lasts. Sometimes it will really explode out of me, but then run away just as fast. And that makes it a 2-star session. 💅

So, the takeaway for what made the arouse sessionsfeelstronger and better for me is that the orgasm came and swept me away to my peak,and then stayed there.My first use of it resulted in a longer orgasm, but both uses resulted in a longer peak during the orgasm.I’m a fan! I'll definitely be trying it again.

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Where to buy Dosist pens

The Dosist pens available at a number of dispensaries where cannabis is recreationally or medicinally legal. Arouse is only available in California, but the other pens may also have interesting effects on you sexually (may being probably — we'll have a new post on that coming soon!).

If you are in California or Oregon, you can useEaze's cannabis delivery serviceto get Dosist pens (and many other goodies) delivered to your door (or wherever you happen to be).

At either site, if you use codeLIONESSat checkout, you can take $20 off your first order!


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