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When Is Coconut Oil Lube Safe? When Should I Avoid It?

Coconut by the water

By Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness

With the rise of natural and organic products being used in cooking, coconut oil has been all the rage these days. You can get it at most grocery stores, you can get it in giant tubs on Amazon, and you can use it for everything from cooking to skin moisturizer to hair conditioner. So why not use it for sex, too?

Which leads to the question...

Is coconut oil safe to use as lube?

There's no straight "yes" or "no" to this question because it depends on your circumstances. In some cases, we'd recommend steering clear from coconut oil as lube and opting for other lubricant options. But in some cases, certain types of coconut oil can be a fine option to use as a lubricant.

Below, we'll break down when would be times to NOT use coconut oil, times when coconut oil CAN be used as a sex lubricant, and some of our top picks for safe, high-quality coconut oil that can also be used as a lubricant.

When tonot use coconut oil:

  • If you use condoms or other barrier methods—coconut oil (and any oil or petroleum-based products, for that matter) can weaken the barrier and cause it to break, increasing the risk of infection and/or pregnancy.
  • If you are also using sex toys made of silicone or other rubber-like materials – like condoms, coconut oil could cause an unwanted reaction and alter your beloved sex toys. Use water-based lubricants with these toys instead as they are by far the most reliably compatible.

    🤓 The nerd explanation: In our own testing with various sex toys, we've seen coconut oil and other oil-based lubricants slowly loosen and/or expand the silicone/rubber/jelly covering. That can can damage your sex toy over time if it loosens up enough from the rest of the product that oils/fluids/water/etc go into the electronics and render it unusable.

  • If you’re prone to infections such as vaginal yeast infections, you may want to tread carefully or try other water-based or silicone-based lubricants that are close to your body's pH. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, so in some cases there is a potential that it can disrupt your pH or good bacteria and cause infections, especially if you know you are already sensitive or prone to infections.
  • If you are prone to messes (and don't like post-clean up)—oils are prone to leave stains on fabrics, such as bedsheets. There are ways to clean it up before it sets so it's not THAT bad (partly why I put this at the end of the list), but if you're the type of person who is likely to use a lot/leave oil on the sheets, may not clean up immediately, yet hate having stains, you may want to take a look at water-based or silicone-based lubes that won't leave stains.

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When it is ok to use coconut oil as lube:

Provided that none of the above are applicable to you: 

  • If you are experiencing dryness or painful sex—a little bit of coconut oil can last a long time and can be very moisturizing for your body.
  • If you are engaging in anal play or anal sex and don't need condoms and are not using silicone/rubber sex toys—as mentioned in our comprehensive Anal Lube Guide, coconut oil can be a great option for certain types of anal play because of its ability to be long-lasting. 
  • If you are looking for something that lasts longer than silicone lube—coconut oil can last longer than silicone lube. As an oil is prone to staining stuff though, so be mindful of how much you use to avoid hard-to-clean messes.
  • If you are looking for a lube for stainless steel or glass toys—These materials are highly inert and will not be affected by oil-based lubes (or water or silicone-based lubes, for that matter) so it is safe to put these two together! 
Coconuts everywhere
Not all coconut oil is created equal

    Which coconut oil is best to use as a lubricant?

    Not all coconut oil is created equal. Some oils use higher quality ingredients and processes than others. Many include a few other ingredients to preserve the coconut oil or make it safer for use with the body and during sex specifically.

    What to look for:

    Try to find virgin, unrefined, preservative-free coconut oil. Avoid processed, hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oils. Those often use chemical processes that use harsh solvents that may not be great for your vagina or anus, and since this stuff is cheap anyway, you might as well go for something more basic and natural.

    This site goes into a deeper dive into what to look for when choosing coconut oil (in general, not specifically for sex stuff).


    Our top picks

    Island fresh coconut oil

    Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    This coconut oil is about as natural as you can get and is a great starter portion. You can use it for lube, for cooking, and for moisturizing. At $15 for 52 oz., you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. You can buy here: Amazon $18.

    boy butter oil anal lube

    Boy Butter Original Formula

    As adorable and clever as the packaging is, don’t underestimate the efficacy of this coconut oil-based lube designed specifically for sex. Boy Butter is specially formulated to last as long as silicone lubes, but also to clean easily off your body and fabrics (remember how I mentioned that coconut oil can stain? This lube can help you avoid some of that!). While they technically include other oils than purely coconut oil, such as vegetable oil, but is odorless, water-soluble, and gentle on the skin. You can buy it here: You can buy here: Amazon, $19.47.

    nutiva coconut oil bulk lube

    Nutiva Organic 128oz

    If you are ready to commit to coconut-everything, get a bucket of coconut oil! This one is USDA organic, non-GMO, virgin, kosher, non-hydrogenated, and no cholesterol. You can buy here: Amazon $29.99.

    handcraft blends coconut oil

    Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Premium Therapeutic Grade

    If you’re looking for something that is more oil in texture, consider fractionated coconut oil. It goes through a process called fractionation to separate some of the fats so only the oil remains. Basically, it's a process that uses heating to separate some fats from the coconut oil, leaving you with one portion that is more liquid-like (such as the product you see above). You can read more about the processhere. If you're interested in this oil, you can buy here: Amazon $12.50.

    Foria Awaken - Intimacy CBD lubricant and arousal oil

    Foria Awaken (Coconut Oil CBD lube)

    With CBD products being legal in the United States now, there’s a plethora of CBD-infused products, including CBD lube, that can be shipped to all 50 states. Many of these CBD lubricants use coconut oil as a base, so if you're looking for CBD lube with a little ~*~oomph~*~ Foria (or some of the others in our CBD lube guide) may be for you!

    Foria's CBD lube is coconut oil infused with kava, CBD, and other natural ingredients that are good and moisturizing for the vagina while helping your body and muscles relax. My colleague Anna documented her experience with Foria Awaken here (including orgasm data with and without CBD lube, measured with the Lioness Smart Vibrator). You can buy here: Foria $48.

    Foria weed lube

    Foria Pleasure (THC lube)

    Yes, there is also cannabis-infused lube! And yes, it's different than CBD lube! If you're curious for the deets on THC vs. CBD lube, head on over to our comprehensive Weed Lube Guide.

    Foria Awaken's more saucy sibling is Foria Pleasure. The THC from the cannabis is in this lube provides a different experience. Like with all THC-infused products, they're only available where medicinal or recreational marijuana products are legal.

    If you're curious to learn what it's like, check out my colleague Anna's experience with Foria Pleasure, also including orgasm data collected from the Lioness Smart Vibrator. There's also my review of Quim's THC lube, too while you're at it.

    A whole new world

    From different textures to coconut oil infused with CBD and/or THC, there is a wide selection of coconut oils out there to try. Try a few, get a sense of what you like, and use some of the extra oil for cooking, lotion, and massage oil. 😉


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