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The truth behind socks and orgasms

In June 2005, the BBC published an article claiming that a study was conducted and proved that wearing socks during partnered sex increased the occurrence of orgasm from 50% of couples to 80% of couples. And oh boy, has that one article led to many, many others — some in favor of the factoid and some calling bullshit.

So in a world divided, finding the truth proves difficult. Does wearing socks make it easier to orgasm?

What Did Dr. Holstege Actually Say?

We’ve done some digging because that BBC article and countless others really make it look like Dr. Holstege was touting socks in favor of orgasms.

According to Vericat, however, that’s not actually what he said. To quote this article, Dr. Holstege told the publication, “the idea that women wearing socks have a greater likelihood of achieving orgasm does not come from a scientific article but from newspapers that interviewed me after I gave a presentation on the basics of orgasms in men and women”. On top of that, he adds, during the study, the participants asked for socks because they had cold feet, but in no moment did the socks play an important role during the sexual activities. So the conclusion that having sex with socks on increases the likelihood of achieving orgasm by 30% was not one drawn by the original study, despite myriad websites spreading that message over the past few years”.

SO DO Socks Make it Easier to Orgasm?

Without doing it for science, we’re not going to know conclusively whether socks make it easier to orgasm or not.

two legs out of a car window wearing pink socks

Anecdotally, however, the answer is “maybe.” But the same can be said for the opposite. It’s nearly impossible to achieve orgasm under any unfavorable condition so if your socks feel good, then maybe you O. If they’re making your feet that uncomfortable, however, then chances are you may not reach climax.

Obviously this is speculative and depends on each person — but that’s why we’re dedicating Masturbation May’s Sexperiment to myth-busting the socks and orgasms correlation. So many people fall victim to misrepresented facts and figures (not to mention the never ending debate about whether socks are a mood killer), so why not find out for yourself, right?

F*ck Around and Find Out with Sexperiments

lioness smart vibrator

Look, if you have a pair of socks and a Lioness Smart Vibrator, you have everything you need to answer the question, “Do socks make orgasms better?”

Join us this Masturbation May as we cover our little piggies and flick the bean for science. By the end of the month, you’ll know if you should splurge on some sexy stockings or ditch the foot Folsom Prisons altogether.


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