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Spicy Science Projects for Adults

When we said never measured, never improved we meant it. Sexperiments are designed to help you find what does (and doesn't) influence your orgasms and arousal. Every month, Lioness users will come together to try and see if their orgasms data changes based on specific techniques, tools, and lifestyle changes.

In other words, we're inviting you to take part in spicy science projects for adults.

1. Join our community on the latest sexperiment

2. Set your hypothesis 

3. Do "it" for science

4. Get AI-powered results on your data

Sexperiments will help Lioness users harness the power of their pleasure. 

It’s been shown that novelty is an integral element of a fulfilling sex life — but the same benefit can be extended to masturbation. So if you really want to masturbate better, try something new!

By taking part in these experiments, Lioness users will learn what makes their orgasms feel better, how to explore their body, and to view masturbation as more than just a one-off session.

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New month, new Sexperiment- and t his month we're shining the pearl FIRST THING in the AM.

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Ready to Do it for Science?

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Holding Purple Lioness Vibrator with one motor symbol in front of external nub
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Purple Lioness Vibe Unboxing Layout
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Blog Posts

Sexperiment Results: Does wearing socks improve orgasms?
May 31, 2024 

Sexperiment Results: Does wearing socks improve orgasms?

Another month, another Sexperiment in the books! Put your piggies in some warm water and call this data wrap a pedicure because we’re answering the question: do socks improve orgasms? A Quick review of the Lioness community poll & hypotheses At the start of May, each Sexplorer was prompted to formulate a hypothesis and vote in a poll before beginning their Sexperiment.

Community Poll: How do you feel about wearing socks during sex?

Spend enough time on the internet and it seems like no one likes wearing socks during sex. Everything from memes to sitcoms and more poke fun at the idea of warm toes during O’s, sometimes going so far as to imply they affect intimacy or are correlated to overall sexual prowess.

Despite the colloquial hype, however, 43% of Lioness users actually don’t care about socks on during sex one way or another. The remaining 57% did care, with 59% saying they can’t stand it and the other 18% being all about it.

sexperiments socks community poll

The Hypothesis: Wearing socks during masturbation will do what to my orgasms?

Lioness users were given three choices for this hypothesis: Get Better, Stay the Same, or Get Worse.

Here’s how they voted, with the majority predicting their O’s would Stay the Same:

sexperiments socks hypothesis

The Results: Did socks improve orgasms for Lioness Users?

Yes! On average, Liones users rated their orgasms at 3.8 stars out of 5, and there was a general increase in both peak orgasmic force and orgasm duration:

  • Whereas sessions without socks registered a peak force of 64.9 gF and minimum force of 26.5 gF, sessions with socks registered an average peak of 72.20 gF and minimum of 39.02 gF.
  • The average orgasm length increased to 30.34 seconds (compared to 24 seconds in sessions without socks)

This Sexperiment also gave the following results:

  • The average time to orgasm increased to 8 min 8 secs minutes (compared to 4 min 19 secs in sessions without socks)
  • Overall average session length increased to 10 min 6 seconds (compared to 5 min 9 secs in sessions without socks)

The Conclusion: Do socks improve orgasms?

Looking at the numbers, it’s pretty clear warm toes made for better O’s. Orgasms and sessions alike were both longer and stronger, which sound like better masturbation experiences to us overall.

Ready to join Sexperiments?

lioness smart vibrator
Get your Lioness and join us in June as we rise and shine the pearl for science.
What do you think: will masturbating first thing in the morning make your orgasms better? ☀️ 




Everything you need to know about morning masturbation
May 23, 2024 

Everything you need to know about morning masturbation

Picture this: the sun is creeping up over the horizon and your alarm goes off. You rub your eyes, hit snooze, and decide to trade the buzz of your alarm for the buzz of your Lioness Smart Vibrator. It’s not quite time to get out of bed, it’s time to masturbate.

Not quite the fantasy you’re into? That’s okay! But before you write off masturbating in the morning, let’s get into why orgasms might just be the breakfast of champions.

Is masturbating in the morning normal?

Last year, data from our Pleasure Wrapped 2023 showed that the majority of Lioness users aren’t big morning masturbators but there is a steady incline of early birds getting the O-worm. Despite the most popular time for flickin’ the bean being 9 pm, people were still masturbating at all hours of the day. (And we don’t blame them. Orgasms are great wherever, whenever, right?)

lioness and app with an alarm clock

So if you’re wondering if it’s normal to masturbate in the morning, the answer is yes…but so is masturbating any other time of the day. There is no social, moral, or medical reason to state otherwise.

What’s the science behind orgasms in the morning?

In one of our earlier blogs, we touched a bit on how estrogen and testosterone levels tend to be higher in the morning and that these are the hormones associated with sexual desire.

But those are not the only hormones that you’ll get a kick from when you wake up. In fact, cortisol — otherwise known as the stress hormone — also naturally peaks upon waking. This is nothing to be alarmed by, either. It’s a natural part of your body’s circadian rhythm.

That said, when you have sex or masturbate in the morning, an orgasm introduces a few other key players into your hormonal cocktail: oxytocin, norepinephrine, and dopamine to name a few.

From a purely biological perspective, orgasms and the rush of feel good hormones they come with can lead to an overall sense of less stress and improved mood. But, as we know, biology is not where your sexual experience stops.

If you’re not into morning masturbation then it may not be the best start to your day, but if you’re into it then yeah, an orgasm for breakfast might be a good idea.

lioness tote
Did we make a tote for O's in the AM? YEP. Get it here.

How to masturbate in the morning more

Look, we know not everyone is an early…um…riser, but we’re big believers in sexperimenting just to be sure. So if you want to give morning masturbation a try, here’s two pro-tips that might make it easier:

Pay attention to how you already masturbate

Before you dive fingers first into a morning solo sesh, spend some time paying attention to what masturbation already looks like for you. Are you a get in and get out type person? Do you like to take your time? Is there a specific toy or mood-setting element you need to get yourself off?

All of this important information that you will want to know as you plan to try to masturbate in the morning.

Prepare to masturbate the night before

Once you know how long and what you like to have when you masturbate, get it all as ready as you can the night before. Have your favorite vibe charged and within reach (along with your lube!), queue up your favorite porn on your phone, and go to bed in something (or nothing!) that makes you feel sexy. Then set your alarm a little earlier than normal just to make sure you have enough time to do the deed.

The idea is to set yourself up to have zero immediate needs upon waking up so that you can focus on starting your day with pleasure.

Have orgasms for breakfast with Lioness


lioness smart vibrator

Now that you know the ins and outs of morning masturbation and orgasm, we would love to have you join our Sexperiment! Join us this June as we do it for science along with the rest of the Lioness pride to find out if the early bird really does get the worm.

Who knows, maybe you’ll develop a new favorite way to start your days in the process!


Sexperiment Results: Does edging improve orgasms?
May 09, 2024 

Sexperiment Results: Does edging improve orgasms?

In April 2024, we launched Sexperiments — spicy science projects for adults you can access right in your Lioness mobile app. Our first Sexperiment? Edging.

Lioness users around the world delayed their orgasms to answer the age-old question: does edging really make orgasms better?

Let’s get into the Lioness data we collected.

A Quick review of edging hypotheses

We’re in the business of masturbating smarter, so each Sexplorer was prompted to formulate two hypotheses before beginning their Sexperiment.

Hypothesis 1: How long do you think edging will increase your session length by?

Edging requires someone to get close to orgasm, stop stimulation, and then resume over and over again. Naturally, this should increase how long someone spends masturbating, but there’s no golden standard for how many times someone can edge, so this first hypothesis required Lioness users to consider how long they might be able to edge for.

Answers were mixed, but the majority of people reporting they thought edgingwould add 15 minutes or less to their typical session.

edging hypothesis session length

Hypothesis 2: Do You think edging will improve your “o” in a noticeable way?

If you’re already familiar with edging, then you know that the claim is that delaying your orgasm should produce a more intense and pleasurable orgasm.

When asked if they think edging will improve their orgasms, 86% of Lioness users hypothesized “yes” and only 14% hypothesized “no.”

edging hypothesis improve orgasm

The Results: Did edging increase average session and orgasm length?

Yes! For most users, edging increased both session and orgasm length.

On an aggregate scale, session length increased by 5 mins and 24 seconds, while orgasm length increased by 9 seconds!

edging results session and orgasm length

The Results: Did edging increase average orgasm force?

Surprisingly, no!

Average peak force of reported “non-edging” orgasms was 64.9 gF with 26.5 gF being the average for relaxation between pelvic floor contractions. For reported “edging” orgasms, however, force reached an average high of 61.6 gF and low of 29.6 gF. This suggests edging not only decreased the average peak force of orgasms, but also created less relaxation between pelvic floor contractions.

edging results orgasm force

Conclusion: So does edging improve orgasms?

Overall, the data points to yes! For most people who did the Sexperiment, edging increased both time spent masturbating and orgasm length.

Just remember, there is nuance, as with all things related to sex and some folks found edging ruined their O’s. The only way to definitely answer if edging will improve your orgasm is to start doing it for science.

Ready to join Sexperiments? Get your Lioness Smart Vibrator today!

How to masturbate better
May 03, 2024 

How to masturbate better

3 Pro-tips from Lioness Sex Educator, Kate Delgado

Calling all jack and jill-offs! Masturbation May is upon us, which means it’s time to step your bean flicking game up!

Grab your favorite lube, your porn or erotica of choice, and get ready to kick your solo play up a notch with these 3 tips on how to masturbate better. And don’t worry: we’re not getting into anatomy specific techniques, just a few general things you can try this month as you celebrate self pleasure!

Masturbate better with solo-foreplay

Foreplay is simply everything that happens before sex and masturbation, so don’t reserve all the sexy build up just for partnered sex.

Self-tease and sexual priming for solo play does not require another partner (though it can if they’re into it). The idea is to spend some time making yourself feel sexy and hot in your own skin.

femme person of color in a tub taking care of themselves
Photo by RDNE Stock project on Pexels


The best part? Simple things can go a long way! Try eating your favorite meal in an outfit that makes you feel sexy or taking nudes and don’t send them to anyone and see what happens after. Anything you can do before your alone time that relaxes you, gets you in the mood, and builds anticipation is likely to make your masturbation better.

Introduce a little novelty into the mix

It’s been scientifically proven that novelty is an integral element of a fulfilling sex life — especially for women — but the same benefit can be extended to masturbation. 

So if you really want to masturbate better, try something new!

Take stock of what your masturbation routine already looks like. Do you do it in your bed at the same time everyday with the same lube, the same lighting, and the same fantasy? If so, switch it up!

Small changes in your sessions may help you masturbate better simply because you’re adding a little excitement into the mix. Live alone? Try masturbating in a different room. Have a toy that works all the time? Put it down and go “acoustic.”

Just remember, if it doesn’t work the first time that’s normal and it may be worth trying something new a few times before you write it off.

Practice makes masturbation better

I’m not going to tell you that practicing masturbation will make it perfect. But I am going to tell you practicing will make masturbation better.

The trick here, however, is to view your solo play as more than a get in, get off, get out type of deal.

Instead, you’ll want to spend time exploring and sexperimenting with your body and pleasure again and again. Tips 1 and 2 are great but only if you do them more than once, and really reflect on your experience.

Make masturbation great again this May

Dedicating the month of May to these three tips is a great way to celebrate self-pleasure!

Don’t be afraid to treat your solo-play like you would partnered sex and build anticipation. It’s totally okay to practice finding a fully charged toy waiting for you at home as exciting as a horny partner or two. When you’ve built anticipation, give something new a try a few times and see what happens. If you can do these things over and over again, well…you might make masturbation better.

See what works with Lioness — literally 👀 

lioness smart vibrator

The Lioness Smart Vibrator makes harnessing the power of your pleasure easy and straightforward. 

Simply use the Lioness like any other vibrator, then use the mobile app to rate, tag, and make notes on your experience and mark your O's. As we like to say, "never measured, never improved" so get to improving your pleasure. 


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