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Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Lioness Data from Using Foria's Intimacy Melts & Booty Melts

I am no stranger to CBD lubes. I’ve even written about how they saved my orgasms from my stress so when we found out Foria had both vaginal and anal CBD suppositories, I was intrigued…for science, of course.

anna lee's lioness data from using foria intimacy and booty melts

Being the Gemini I am (and as my mom would say, “doing the most”) when I got the Booty Melts and Intimacy Melts in hand, it only felt right to put them both in at the same time and let Jesus—aka Lioness—take the wheel.

The (Sex) Universe is So Much Bigger Than You Realize

Full disclosure, I don’t generally associate the word “suppositories” with sexy time and really appreciated that Foria called them melts. It made dipping my toes into this corner of the sex universe a lot easier.

In fact, the process itself ended up being pretty fun! As soon as I opened the pink box and tore open the packaging, I was greeting with the yummy smell of cocoa butter which instantly put me in a better mood.

Now, it’s important to remember that these suppositories should be considered pre-play and should be inserted 20 minutes beforehand. You want to let your body naturally melt the suppositories, as well as give your body time to absorb the CBD. For partner play, I can totally see this being a fun part of foreplay and even for my solo time. It gave me time to settle in and focus on shifting my mindset to be about self-pleasure.

See What I See, Feel What I Feel

Here are the full results of the double CBD suppository experiment on the right compared to what my typical session tends to look like on the left.

lioness data with and without cbd

Right around 22 minutes after insertion I was feeling what I can only best describe as CHILL. A.F. I was feeling so relaxed and vibe-y so I grabbed my handy, dandy Lioness.

I think the part that surprised me the most was how immediately turned on I was as I started to use my Lioness. Lately, with the stress of work and travel, I’ve been having a hard time getting “into the zone” and I have to stop-and-start a few times. I think this time, however, the 20 minutes of relaxing while waiting for the suppositories to melt plus the CBD kicking in anally and vaginally, I was able to be present in my body and get turned on almost immediately as I started to use the Lioness.

There were three times during the session when I felt like I was about to have an orgasm, but I was enjoying myself so much that I edged myself to have the session go longer.

And the orgasm I did have? My god. The orgasm itself was SOOO RELAXING. If you could have an orgasm while floating through space, this is probably how it would have felt honestly.

Laundry, Taxes, and CBD Melts

After such a fun experience with a great orgasm, these melts are totally going into my routine. They were such a simple, effective and FUN way to elevate my bean-flickin’ session, In the future, I’ll be curious to see if using one type of melt changes my data but for now…I’m going to keep putting everything, everywhere, all at once.

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