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What Lioness Means to Me - A Series

What Lioness Means to Me - a blog series about the Lioness Smart Vibrator

By Stephanie Delgado, featuring Rachael Webster
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When the Lioness Vibrator was designed, sexual pleasure was not the only thing in mind; sexual exploration and understanding were also at the forefront. As Liz has mentioned in numerous interviews (likethis one with Nicole Dahlstrom from Women of Wearables) theLioness Vibrator came from the idea that we should be able to "learn, explore, and have fun with our sexuality that [is] as diverse as our bodies and our experiences.”

If you’ve taken a look at Lioness Vibrator reviews, you know it’s no secret that it’s a great sex toy and rabbit vibrator. Still, it’s important to acknowledge just how great it is as a biofeedback device.

This idea that you can visualize, understand, and improve your own sexual relationship with yourself is revolutionary.

In a world where masturbation for people with vaginas is still taboo, it’s so important to be able to make space for the learning, exploration, and fun Liz and Anna had in mind when they developed the Lioness Smart Vibrator.

This is why we came up with the “What Lioness Means to Me” series. We want to be able to go a step beyondLioness Vibrator reviews. We want to highlight the Lioness’s capabilities while giving all of those in our Pride the chance to speak for themselves.

Below is the first in our series, a submission from Rachael. Rachael is a mom, a woman with a Ph.D., a college professor, and a self-proclaimed Lioness enthusiast. Check out her story below:

Masturbating in the Name of Science and Motherhood

It might sound like an exaggeration, but the Lioness Vibrator honestly changed my life. It changed how I view myself as a woman and how I communicate with others about my sexual well-being.

As a Ph.D. scientist, college professor, general aviation pilot, PTA president, and mom, I have never put limits on what I can accomplish. I feel like I have the confidence and courage in so many parts of my life, but my sexual well-being has never been something I felt comfortable talking about. It wasn't that I was ashamed of anything specific, but I was never taught how to talk about it openly.

Upon entering mid-life, I was grappling with the cliched question of “Who am I?” I felt like I lost my identity as I transitioned from being a daughter to a friend to a student to wife to professor to mother and I didn’t know where to go next.

As I was struggling to find myself, my husband also was wrestling with his own mid-life crisis, which unfortunately ended up in us separating after being together for 20 years. As I was surveying the pile of rubble that was left of my life, I found the answer to my question of who I am: re-invention.

I have continuously reinvented myself over the years to become who I needed to be to face life’s challenges, but I always crafted myself in relation to my immediate situation or someone else’s needs.

This time, however, I chose to reinvent myself by uncovering the truths about who I really am. Little did I know, some of those truths would be discovered when I found a box collecting dust...

Truth #1: I bought my Lioness to support their vision.

My Lioness sat in its box for years. I actually asked my then-husband to purchase the Lioness Vibrator for me as a gift, but I had no intention of using it.

This was when the Lioness first started advertising its product and I bought it for one reason only; I heard about this passionate women-led company that had an amazing product that was facing backlash from a culture with a double standard.

Erectile dysfunction medication can be promoted everywhere, but how dare a "wearable device" company that visualizes data about a very common and physiologically-relevant biological process in over half of our population even think about advertising?

The stigma and implied shame really spoke to me and I wanted to do what I could to show my support for this group of people who believe in something that is so fundamental.

Truth #2: I was a stranger to my own orgasm magic.

Besides a few romantic encounters with a showerhead and enjoying climbing the rope in gym class when I was a teenager, I had never experienced an orgasm outside of sex with a partner.

I never gave it much thought and didn't feel like it was something I needed in my life. Given that, the Lioness was the first vibrator I ever purchased and used for my own personal pleasure.

Truth #3: The Lioness vibrator normalized masturbation for me.

Before I had graphs to visualize my masturbation, I didn't understand how to incorporate masturbation into my life in a way that didn't make me feel awkward. However, because I'm a numbers dork, having a quantitative reason to try the Lioness made it feel just like a FitBit or any other wearable device.

The Lioness collects data about a physiological body process just like heart rate, so what's the big deal?

mother daughter

Truth #4: Lioness has become a way for my mother and me to discuss topics we couldn’t before.

I bought another Lioness Smart Vibrator and gave it to my mother for Christmas.

My mom is someone in my life who has inspired me to always be true to myself. She has been an incredible role model for so many things, but sexual well-being and female masturbation, like in many households, was an awkward topic that she just didn't know much about or know how to talk about.

Given my newfound excitement about the Lioness, I was able to show her the app and explain one of my graphs. The Lioness has let me feel personal freedom that I didn't know was possible and I wanted to share that with her and start the conversation in a way that conveyed love, support, and promoted well-being. She has since reported back that it worked well. :)

Truth #5: I’m no longer ashamed to talk about masturbation.

Thanks to my Lioness Vibrator, I can talk to my kids and friends about masturbation without shame.

My kids have seen my Lioness and I have explained to them what it is. My son will probably need nothing more than a sock and hand lotion when he is of that age, so I plan on buying my daughter a Lioness when she is a teenager. There is no reason why she should live in apprehension like I did for most of my life about a very natural process that can give her so much freedom and pleasure.

In addition, many of my mom friends are scientists and engineers who also feel awkward about talking about female masturbation (not something that rolls off the tongue at the playground), but with the graphical representation of my orgasm data, I am able to whip out my phone and have serious discussions about this previously taboo subject!

Truth #6: I am an avalanche.

The Lioness is an amazing vibrator, but what sets it apart is its ability to quantify the orgasm process by measuring pelvic floor contractions. Not only do I feel intense physical pleasure, but I also experience awesome mental pleasure by pouring over my own data after each session.

There is very little research done on female orgasms (which baffles me), but with the Lioness, I was able to see which type of orgasm pattern I experience and that it is totally repeatable. How cool is that?!

The Lioness has honestly changed my life. It has brought me closer with my mother, has opened up a dialogue with my kids that I hope to keep alive as they enter the awkward teenage years, and helped me experience a sense of personal freedom and pleasure that I never knew I could experience.

Thank you Lioness for bringing all of these truths into my life and helping me discover who I really am.

If you’re interested in sharing your own personal journey with your Lioness vibrator, check out this page to learn more. We’d love to discuss the potential of featuring your experience on our blogs.


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